Scorched Earth

In a not too distant future, the Earth is devastated by violent climatic changes. The combination of pollution and mining continues after natural resources have made the environment almost uninhabited by humans, being even hostile to life. Mankind has to return to a simplistic lifestyle, relying solely on exchanges for the two vital and most valuable elements: water purifiers and silver that is used to create breathing masks that help to avoid a transmitted disease by air.

Inevitably, people who are no longer willing to follow any rule or law, and vehicles using fossil fuels are forbidden. Whoever is caught using such a means of transportation receives the maximum sentence, and many people become bounty hunters, bringing these drivers or other wicked people to the newly established court. In return they receive either water purifiers or silver, and the guilty ones can be brought either dead or alive.

Gage, a bounty hunt, tortures Womack, a follower of a wicked Chavo, whom he then leaves alone in the wild, and then goes after Chavo he kills during a fight, releasing a few prisoners in the meantime. She brings the body to claim her rewards from Sheriff Grubbs, a slightly corrupt and greedy lawmaker in New Montana. While she is there, she visits her boyfriend and mentor, Doc. He tells him of a massive reward on the head of a certain Thomas Jackson, an individual who builds a shelter city for criminals whom he calls “Contempt.”

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