In San Jose, California, David Kim looks at some old photographs and filming with Margot’s daughter, along with his deceased wife, Pamela, who died about two years ago from a terrible illness, and then he and Margot, they removed. One night, Margot goes home to a friend to study together in a group. As David sleeps, Margot tries to call him three times without any result. The following morning, he tried to call her back, but for nothing.
Later, he calls Margot’s piano instructor to ask about it, but he is informed that Margot has dropped out courses six months ago, and David realizes that the money he claimed to use for courses was used in other purposes. Realizing that Margot has disappeared, David calls the police and her case is assigned to detective Rosemary Vick, who asks for information about the girl’s personality and friendships.
David manages to access Margot’s Facebook account and talks with his friends there, discovering that his daughter has not had any close friends since his mother’s death. Vick calls him to inform him that Margot has made a fake alert and shows him pictures of traffic cameras on a motorway outside the city, suggesting that Margot might have fled freely. David, unconvinced by this hypothesis, continues his personal investigations of the internet profiles created by his daughter and finds new tracks to follow along with the police.

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