A fishing boat captain lives peacefully on a Caribbean island until his ex-wife comes looking for help for herself and the son they both have in common and asks her to murder her violent and current husband. A psychological thriller that delves into the depths of couple relationships, the stormy past of its protagonists and emotional scars and pays tribute to the classic films of genre and literature, where the truth lies beneath the surface. The Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey (The Dark Tower) and Anne Hathaway (Compulsive Thimbles) star in this obscure “Hitchcockian” thriller in which nothing is as it seems, with script and direction by Steven Knight, one of the great writers, writers and directors not only of the cinema (Locke), but also of the television (Peaky Blinders). In Serenity (Obsession), we will learn the story of an experienced fishing boat captain, Baker Dill, who lives on an island in the Caribbean and is obsessed with catching a fish. Her peaceful life will change when her ex-wife goes in search of him to ask her a particular favor: to murder her current husband and save her and her son in common from the clutches of the violent character played by Jason Clarke (The day to come) . Throughout the film, the past will torment the protagonists who will have to face disturbing situations with script twists and surprising plots. Dill will have to choose between doing good or doing evil, although sometimes he does not know how to distinguish them. The main cast is completed by Diane Lane (Justice League) and Djimon Hounsou (Charlie’s Angels).

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