She Dies Tomorrow

Amy is devastated and consumed by a bad feeling: she is completely convinced that today is her last day of life. When she tells her friend Jane, she, far from managing to get the idea out of her head, begins to notice the same feeling. This is how she expresses it at her sister-in-law’s birthday party. The thing will not end there, because from that moment other people will be infected with this irrational fear of death and will be immersed in a spiral from which it will be very difficult to get out.
Actress Amy Seimetz (Animal Cemetery) is consolidated as a new icon of American indie with her second foray as a director, where she imagines a pandemic very different from the one we have had to experience. Winner of an award at the Sitges Film Festival and considered a revelation in the 2020 horror film harvest, She Dies Tomorrow turns thanatophobia (the fear of death) into a terribly contagious disease. Based on this idea, the film reflects, from the mystery and a twisted sense of humor, on social anxiety and the relationship of people with the world around them. The young Kate Lyn Sheil (House of Cards) leads the cast of this sensory film that stands out for its hypnotic visual finish and a melancholic and hopeless tone that ends up penetrating the viewer. He is accompanied by faces known as Jane Adams (Poltergeist), Chris Messina (Birds of prey) or Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and Furious 8), among others.

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