Smurfs- The Lost Village

In the village of shrubs, the shadows lead a happy and peaceful life. Their leader is the old and wise Pope Stratmpf, who sometimes is too protective. Some of the shadows are Clumsy, Brainy and Hefty, alongside the beautiful Smurfette, which is the point of attraction of the village. After Smurfette accidentally breaks an invention of Brainy, she sees a blue creature cut from a leaf and follows her directly into the Forbidden Forest, where Papa Smurf forbade the stump to enter, believing it to be a stump.
She loses sight of the creature but discovers a hat that may have been lost by a stump. She then gets captured by Gargamel and her castle, without realizing, Smurfette shows Gargamel the hat that the wizard uses to create an elixir that allows her to locate the village on the map. Soon, Hefty, Brainy and Clumsy, who had followed Smurfette, came and helped her escape, all of whom had returned to the village of Sturmps.
When they arrive home, they are punished by the Pope Smurf for violating their orders and closing them in their rooms, vehemently rejecting the idea of ​​a lost village of stumps. However, Smurfette, along with her three friends, sneaks in the night and starts looking for the lost village. Gargamel soon discovers that the four shrubs are looking for the lost village and are heading with Azrael’s cat and the giant Monty bird to stop them. The four friends follow the map and become involved in various adventures that are more dangerous.

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