Solo: A Star Wars Story

Everyone knows Han Solo, the famous smuggler who struggled alongside Luke Skywalker and his sister, princess Leia, against the Galactic Empire. But how did he reach this point? Solo: A Star Wars Story tells us the youth of Han Solo, a loner who roamed the vast universe aboard his space shuttle Millennium Falcon, winning his existence because of his smuggling missions for various entities.

These missions bring Solo into the dangerous criminal world where he carries out a series of exceptional and very dangerous escapes. After a time when everything he was doing was on his own and the universe alone, Han Solo gets to meet and then make friends with Chewbacca, which he soon becomes a co-pilot and flight partner. He also knows the famous bettor Lando Calrissian on a journey that will set the course of the history of one of the most atypical heroes in the Star Wars saga.

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