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Song to Song

In Austin, Texas, Faye is a guitarist looking for success in his musical career ever dreamed of. She begins a romantic adventure with a producer named Cook in the hope that it will help her launch her musical career. At the same time, she begins a relationship with BV, a musician who has been a little more successful than her and who, in turn, works with Cook. Cook and Faye keep the secret adventure to BV, and the three go together on a trip to Mexico.
Rhonda is a former kindergarten teacher currently working as a waiter at a restaurant where Cook is clean. The two begin a relationship that ends with a marriage, and she buys a house for her mother. Things are complicated between Cook and BV, and they are arguing and putting an end to both business and friendship. Faye then recognizes Cook’s relationship, and BV is also separated from her.
Faye continued her relationship journey and then met with a rich Parisian woman living in America at the moment, Zoey. Rhonda begins to become dissatisfied with Cook’s crazy lifestyle, which includes sex with other women and drug use. She then decides to take her life in her own hands and leave Cook, leaving him shocked and saddened.

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