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The film is based on a novel and focuses on a love story between a chemist named Danielle Flinders, who is fascinated by life at the deepest levels of the ocean, and James More, a secret agent who claims to be a water expert to try to get some evidence about the activities of Al Qaeda in Somalia. The story is built around key words such as “immersion”, “deep”, “dark” and “light”, these being illustrated by divergent sections in which Danielle explores the depth of the ocean while James is abducted, kept in a dark room and tortured by Somali radicals.
The two met for the first time at a luxurious resort in Normandy, and it did not take them long to fall in love with each other, but the unfavorable circumstances caused by their job force them to break apart to fulfill each service tasks. Learn both in a state of isolation, the only thing that helps them get over the weights is that they will see one day again.
Despite the fact that James is brutally tortured by Somali terrorists to persuade him to make a statement to the cameras that he would support their cause, he does not give up those tortures and cling to any time he spent in the company to Danielle to relieve his suffering and to be able to stay afloat in all this dramatic situation he finds.

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