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Super Dark Times

At the end of 1996, in New York, two good adolescent friends, Zack (Owen Campbell) and Josh (Charlie Tahan) discuss various age-specific things. The two have a common interest in Allison (Elizabeth Cappuccino) with whom Zack can not imagine because he came out with her and makes Jehovah jealous. After school, one day, the two run over a prostitute named Daryl (Max Talisman) and his 8th grade friend, Charlie (Sawyer Barth).
The four meet later that week at Josh home, and because of the boredom, the four agree to take the katana sword owned by Josh’s military brother and go to the woods to cut cartons. When Charlie’s turn comes to use the sword, the boys notice that Daryl stole the marijuana bag that Josh’s brother had in his room and smoked it. After much quarrels, the boys convince Daryl to return it.
Angry, Daryl kicks Josh down and pushes him down. The two continue the altercation, and accidentally Daryl gets stabbed with the sword in his neck. After a moment of panic, boys decide to bury Daryl and hide the sword in an old sewer pipe. In the following days, rumors begin to circulate about the disappearance of Daryl, and Zack realizes that Josh has not even gone to school and goes to him to check if everything is okay.

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