Priest, a cocaine dealer in Atlanta, has roamed the streets since he was 11 years old. Taken into the drug world by his Scatter mentor from an early age, he has been selling drugs since then. He lives like a king with his two lovers, Georgia and Cynthia, who know one about the other. One night, Juju, a member of a gang called Snow Patrol, goes to Cynthia and gets angry when he finds out he is Priest’s lover.
Facing him outside a strip club despite the opposition of Snow Patrol leader Q, he opens the fire on Priest, but misses him and accidentally shoots a passerby. Snow Patrols run from the scene while Priest gives money to his victim and friends and directs them to the best hospital in the area. When he arrives home, Priest has a revelation and wants to never be in the shot.
Priest confesses to his deputy, Eddie, that he wants to get out of this world of drugs and has a plan to do that. Eddie initially disagrees, but then assures him of his support. Priest also informs Scatter, who tells him he will not help him do that. After an attack on a few members of the Snow Patrol, Juju suspects the Priest of vengeance and promises to turn that off.

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