Table 19

After being selected to be a bridesmaid at her French girlfriend’s wedding, Eloise McGarry is “downgraded” when her boyfriend, Teddy, the bride’s brother and knight of honor, leaves her. Thinking and thinking several times whether or not to go to the wedding, Eloise decides to go, but finds out that she has been placed at table number 19, a table usually reserved for those who are invited only for the sake of the wedding, to be invited and the guests hope not to see them.
Among those at table number 19 are Jerry and Bina Kepp, who own a restaurant and are friends on Facebook with the bridegroom’s father due to the fact that the latter also has a chain of stores. Also, Renzo Eckberg, whose parents are acquaintances of the bride, came to the wedding in the hope that she would meet an interesting woman with whom to share something. Other guests at that table are Jo Flanagan, the childhood child of France, and Walter Thimble, a distant grandson who was released from prison on bail.
In spite of the fact that the six individuals were initially finding conversational topics, things start to change when Jo learns that Eloise is pregnant and is scandalous with Teddy because she left Eloise because she said they would be ridiculous parents. Go for a walk, Jerry gives Renzo some embarrassing advice on how to cling women, and Eloise makes a breakthrough about Jo.

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