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Take Me

Ray Moody’s entrepreneur runs a business where customers pay him to stage a simulated kidnapping. An interview for getting a loan goes really wrong when Ray tries to explain his business idea to a unfaithful banker. Although Ray has a very poor relationship with Natalie’s sister, because they do not understand how to make money, he’s heading to her husband to help him with money.
Stuart contacted Rat to stage an aggressive intervention in eight hours. Ray tells Stuart, who has problems with weight, that he does not care about the diet that he has to follow, and then makes him eat ten hamburgers. After the eight-hour session ends, Stuart thanks Ray and claims that now he has even gone through his appetite to eat hamburgers. Ray receives another client named Anna, who is looking for a session that will last for an entire weekend.
His joy turns into skepticism when Anna asks him to hit her. Although at first he refuses to do so, Ray calls him back and accepts the job. After all the details on the phone, Ray starts to watch her, and she calls him back to ask him to be more discreet. Eventually, Ray carries out a car theft and takes Anna prisoner over the weekend, without leaving any of the skin of the villain of the villain.

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