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Tangled- Before Ever After

Six months after the events in Tangled, Rapunzel (Mandy Moore), Rapunzel is going to officially become Princess in Corona. However, on the day of the coronation, Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert (Zachary Levi), formerly known as Flynn Rider, riding Maximus and Fidelio, are gone through the woods and cross to the border, following the Royal Guards. Separated, two guards watch Eugene as the third one follows Rapunzel. The two then meet and jump together over a river.
Rapunzel is the first to reach the border and climb on the dividing wall where he sees on the other side a magnificent view of the land beyond their kingdom. After admiring the sight for a while with Eugene, the guards catch the two and escort them back to the palace where Rapunzel’s crowning ceremony is about to begin. There, she is eagerly awaited by Cassandra (Eden Espinosa), who has been given the task of taking care of Rapunzel and helping her adapt to her life of princess.
Rapunzel is not allowed to leave the city without being guarded by the royal guards, she does not know how to meet the nobles who have arrived for her coronation, and she does not like to wear shoes. She does her best to adapt, and even if she has a loving family and a circle of friends who support her, Rapunzel feels filled with the responsibilities that come with the coronation package. Because of her father’s fear of losing her again, he refuses any request to explore the world outside her kingdom.

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