Taxi 5

The events take place ten years after those in the first film. Sylvain Maro, Police Inspector of Paris, is considered one of the best officers in the capital of France, being able to compete with any offender. He dreams of joining the special forces, but during a mission in which he was observed with the wife of the prefect of Paris, he is sent by the authorities to a Marseille office whose former mayor is former Commissioner Gibert. He does not like the new team because of his lack of professionalism.
Meanwhile, Marcel is terrorizing a gang of Italians who have two very powerful Ferrari cars. Gibert asks Maro to arrest them, but he will not be able to do so using the ordinary police cars. Alain, a colleague of Maro, tells the newcomer about Marcel’s legendary taxi and about Daniel’s adventures with Emilien. But the past years have put the car right now in Morocco, Emilien has left the police, and Daniel lives in Miami.
Maro and his team find Daniel’s grandson, Eddie Makhlouf, who turns out to be the taxi driver they watched earlier. Maro gives Eddie an understanding, largely being the same as Daniel and Emilien have received many years ago. They find the car, but it turns out quickly that the nephew does not have the talent that his uncle had. The next day begins “Operation Mafia,” developed by Gibert. Everything is going according to the plan to a point where things get mixed up.

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