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Thank You for Your Service

After a disturbing battle experience in Iraq stretched over a period of 15 months, military decoration Adam Schumann (Miles Teller) returns home to Kansas where he is expected with his arms open to his loving wife, Saskia (Haley Bennett). Adam and Saskia have two children together, a little girl and a little boy born while Adam was still over the ocean in the battlefields. Adam suffers from post-traumatic syndrome that is manifested through frequent nightmares and disturbing memories.
Because of this, his wife asks Adam to seek help from the Department of Veterans of War, who is facing a lot of cases. He also received consolation from two friends who were living in Iraq and living near him, Solo Aetiti (Beulah Koale) and Billy Waller (Joe Cole) who suicide in front of his fiancée Kate Lyn Shell) shortly after the latter decides to leave him.
Adam’s unsolved psychological problems focus on his failure to secure a war comrade named Michael Emory (Scott Haze) from a flamboyant building. Although he managed to save his life, Emory remained paralyzed, and even if he was grateful to him for saving, Adam was affected by the fact that he had not taken him out. He is also haunted by the blame of the survivor because he has left Sergeant James Doster (Brad Beyer) to take his place in a patrol from which he has not returned.

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