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The Adventurers

A famous thief named Dan Cheung (Andy Lau) wrongly calculated his last action and for this reason he was captured by the police and sent to prison. Five years later, Cheung recruits his old partner Po Chen (Tony Yang) and another new person named Red Ye (Shu Qi) to steal some precious jewels in Europe that are, however, guarded with maximum attention by French detective Pierre (Jean Reno).
Pierre has been following Cheung for many years and has done his best to catch him and to throw him behind the bars for good. After testing his skills and agility, Cheung finds a jewelery buyer in King Kong’s (Eric Tsang), the leader of a criminal organization that Cheung sees as a father. When the two meet, Cheung gets a new mission.At the same time, in order to capture Cheung and his gang of thieves and bring them to justice, Pierre convinces Cheung’s ex-fiancĂ©e, Amber Li (Zhang Jingchu), who has transformed his love into time against him in terrible hatred, to join him in his hunt. Later, a game of cat and mouse begins between them and takes place across the territory of several European countries. After a series of close fights, Pierre manages to find out more about Cheung, and when everyone seems ready to end the case, Cheung’s real plan comes to light.

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