The Angry Birds Movie 2

After the enraged birds that don’t know how to fly won the war, Leonard, the king of the green and squeaky pigs, plans a revenge against his intimate enemies. However, both will have to park their differences and ally when they see that their way of life is threatened by mysterious purple birds that throw snowballs full of lava. To avoid an icy future, Leonard and the grumpy Red bird will form the worst possible team. In August 2016, just a month after its premiere in Spain, a sequel to the animated film Angry Birds was announced, based on the famous videogame saga of the Finnish company Rovio. However, for Angry Birds 2, Sony Pictures has opted for a total replacement of writing and direction equipment. In front, there is this time Thurop Van Orman, television producer as acclaimed as unconventional, creator, among other series, of The Wonderful Adventures of Flapjack, atypical satire of the Cartoon Network channel. Once again, the characters have been dubbed into Spanish by Santiago Segura (Father there is only one), such as Red, the filmmaker Alex de la Iglesia (Perfect strangers), such as King Leonard, and José Mota (The spark of the life) in the role of Chuck. In addition, the singer Sofía Ellar will also lend her voice, although in this case to interpret the central theme of the film, The Revolution, composed by the artist herself.

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