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The Babysitter

Cole Johnson, aged 12, is harassed by his neighbor Jeremy, but his nanny, Bee, jumps in his defense and kicks him out. The next day, when his parents go out into the city and spend the night alone at a hotel, Bee and Cole spend quality time together until Cole has to go to bed. Cole is encouraged by a text message received from his neighbor and best friend, Melanie, to see what Bee does after he falls asleep.
To his surprise, he sees what seems to be Bee and some friends in her high school: Max, John, Allison, Sonya, and Samuel. They play a derivative of Truth or Challenge, but when Bee kisses Samuel, he pulls two daggers from behind and kills him. The others collect Samuel’s blood and it is obvious that they are part of a Satanic cult. Cole runs into his room and calls for emergency.
He tries to escape from the house, but fails because of fatigue. Bee and her friends are questioning Cole while avoiding clear answers to what the kid saw, trying to lie to him that it was just a science project at high school. When the police arrive at their door, Max kills one of them, but he accidentally shot Allison in his chest. Bee forces Cole to call him “police code” to avoid the appearance of other cops.

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