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The Bachelors

Passing over someone’s death is not an easy task for members of the late’s family, but for two men, adapting to the loss suffered becomes a matter of survival. As a result of his wife’s unexpected death due to a terrible illness, Bill Palet (JK Simmons) lives upside down and decides to leave with his teenage boy Wes (Josh Wiggins) have in San Francisco to move to Los Angeles.
There Bill is engaged as a teacher at a preparatory school where his college boyfriend Paul (Kevin Dunn) is a director, so he immediately begins his work and Wes continues his studies. Their new routine seems to be a re-entry into normality, but Bill has difficulties in overcoming the lost suffering, being attracted to a functional state of depression. Concerned about this, Paul advises Bill a psychiatrist who prescribes antidepressants, but it makes him even more disconnected from reality.
Wes is starting to make new friends, and after he’s more attracted to enrolling in the cross-school team, he gets more interest in classes when he learns about the presence of certain girls. When his French teacher, Carine (Julie Delpy), assigns Lacey (Odeya Rush) as a partner for a project, Wes suddenly becomes associated with one of the most famous students in the school. Aware of Lacey’s problematic reputation, Carine tries to provide support by confronting Bill, who, in turn, is flattered by the attention he receives and begins to come out of chronic lethargy.

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