The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Buster Scruggs is a cheerful cowboy who travels riding lands on his loyal horse, Dan. When he goes through Monument Valley, he explains that he is regarded as a wicked and misanthropic, despite the fact that he claims he has nothing with the people around him. He goes to an isolated bar and asks for a shower, but the owner refuses to serve it because the bar is in a country where alcohol is forbidden. Buster is puzzled by showing that other customers consume no problems, but the barman explains that, being illegal, he serves only the “true wicked” ones.
The leader of the wicked and Buster exchanged offensive replies to each other and then the two of them take off their arms and fall down, Buster killing the individual without too much effort and then heading for the rest who want to take their turn their weapons. Buster then goes to town and enters a salon where he is confronted with a strict policy of not allowing access to weapons and must leave the gun or other weapons at the door.
He then gets involved in a poker game where a player has suddenly gone and quickly discovers that the guy has left his free place after being offered “the dead man’s hand.” The other players ask Buster to continue the game because he has seen the cards and can not retire. When Buster refuses, a massive and threatening player named Joe stands up and tries to force him to play.

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