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The Book of Henry

In a small town in the Hudson Valley, an 11-year-old genius kid named Henry Carpenter and his younger brother Peter are raised by their mother, Susan, a waitress who is working on publishing a book for children. Henry used his intellect to successfully invest in the scholarship, building a beautiful life for his family. Henry also protects his brother at school and builds a domino device in the tree house he shares with Peter.
Henry and Susan are both attached to their neighbor (and Henry’s classmate), Chrstina Sickleman, who has recently become very disappointed. Henry soon realizes that she is abused by his stepfather, Glenn, the local police officer. He reports this to the Social Child Protection Service and to School Director, Mrs. Wilder, but Glenn has very good connections through the local government and Wilder is hesitant to challenge the Commissioner without “conclusive evidence.”
Henry is not able to persuade the authorities to launch a serious investigation into Christine’s situation to protect her. As a result, he tells his mother that when someone is in need, those who can help have to do so. So she’s developing a detailed plan to save Christina on her own. After a severe crisis, Henry is taken to hospital where he is diagnosed with brain tumor and must be subjected to an emergency surgery.

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