The Breaker Upperers

Jen and Mel are dealing with “The Breaker Upperers”, an agency in Auckland that specializes in helping people who want to part with their partners. They use unorthodox methods to help their clients, such as disguising police officers to inform a woman named Anna that her husband has died and his body is unrecognizable, although the bitter is in the agency car their hiding. The two women met many years ago when their lover then misled them both.
Although Mel has gone over, Jen is still obsessed with the man, Joe, who moved into town with his wife and two children. Mel falls in love with a 17-year-old teenager named Jordan who is afraid to break away from his girlfriend, Sepa. The attraction is mutual, to Jen’s hesitation. The three meet Sepa and Mel’s band and Jen manage to break the relationship, and then Jordan and Mel start to get together.
One day, Jen and Mel meet Anna, who still thinks her husband’s body is gone, and they’re even cops. Anna and Mel become friends because of many common interests, which annoys Jen and makes her feel excluded. Finally, Anna begs the two women to let her see her husband’s file. Jen and Mel, who are dressed in uniform as a cop, try to continue their job by giving Anne a tour of the police station.

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