The Cloverfield Paradox

In the not too distant future, Earth’s energy sources are almost exhausted, and the energy crisis reaches critical odds. Global Space Agencies are launching Cloverfield Station in space to refine the particle accelerator, a project too dangerous to test him on Earth. If successful, the space station will be able to produce unlimited energy for the whole globe, but some skeptics point out that it is possible to create a “Paradox Cloverfield” that open portals to other dimensions and would let the monsters come to Earth.

The team also includes a woman named Ava Hamilton, who is not very pleased with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving for possible years and leaving her husband alone; the two have recently gone through a terrible tragedy by witnessing the deaths of their own children, and since then their relationship has been a very difficult one. The team has been working unsuccessfully on the accelerator for two years, but in the end they are almost successful.

Although they are initially successful, the system is overloaded and causes a massive power failure in the space station. After restoring basic station functions, they realize that the Earth still exists, and the station’s gyroscope needed for navigation has disappeared. As the team analyzes the damage and tries to fix them, strange events begin to happen through the station. Strange noises coming from behind a wall lead them to find a woman named Jensen being locked in some kind of thread. But this is the most insignificant strange event, and the crew finds itself in a critical situation from which they will have to fight to survive.

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