The Commuter

Former police officer Michael MacCauley (Liam Neeson) is a convinced family member with a wife and a boy. He goes through the same day-to-day routine at work and back. One day, he is fired from work after ten years of work. As he drowns himself in a local bar, his friend and former colleague Murphy makes his appearance. He tells Michael how the police are dealing with politics rather than doing their duty.

On his way home, when he goes to board the train, his phone is stolen by a pocket thief. On the train, Michael meets a mysterious woman named Joanna. This presents Michael with a hypothetical situation. Like if he would be asked to do a small thing that would have serious consequences on one of the passengers on the train, but he would not know anything about that passenger or what happened.

In this hypothetical situation there is an envelope in which there is the amount of 25,000 dollars hidden in the bathroom. If he fulfills the mission he is asked to do, he will receive another 75,000 extra dollars. All he should do is locate an individual known as “Pryme” and plant a GPS device. Michael will not be allowed to tell anyone what he is doing. From pure curiosity, Michael goes to the bathroom and finds that envelope, realizing that the situation is not at all hypothetical.

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