The Curse of La Llorona

Los Angeles, 1973. Anna is a social worker who, after the death of her husband, has had to perform feats in order to combine her profession with the care of her two children. Skeptical in a religious and superstitious city, she faces the case of a mother who, out of fear, has locked her children in a closet. After ignoring the warnings of this woman, Anna will release the terrible curse of La Llorona, a terrible phantom that attacks children and now loves their own. James Wan (Aquaman) sponsors the directorial debut of Michael Chaves in a horror film framed within the macabre cinematographic universe raised from the saga Warren File and its various spin offs. On this occasion, the protagonist is La Llorona, one of the great folk legends of Latin American folklore personified in the specter of a woman who, after murdering her children and then committing suicide, wanders the world in search of children to replace them with. With this material as a starting point, the film offers a story full of scares and suspense where a social worker will have to face this supernatural evil while trying to reconcile their profession and taking care of their offspring with the pain of loss of life. her husband still recent. To help you in this task, you will have the help of a priest experienced in the fight against a character that has scared dozens of generations. Linda Cardellini (Green Book) leads the cast of a movie full of recognizable Latin performers like Patricia Velasquez (eternal ashes), Raymond Cruz (Breaking Bad), Tony Amendola (Annabelle) and Marisol Ramírez (911), as the villain of the show .

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