The Death of Superman

Superman has become an icon of virtue for Metropolis citizens, a notion that still terrifies the billionaire’s greatest enemy, Lex Luthor, the latter considering Superman as a threat to the city. After performing an attempted abduction of the mayor by Intergang, armed with Apokolips technology, such as Mother Box, Superman and Justice League, they send the songs to S.T.A.R. Labs to be analyzed. Meanwhile, Superman, in an unprecedented move, presents the rocket that brought it from Krypron to Earth and provides more information about Kryptonian technology and DNA through an interview with Lois Lane.
Lois is in a romantic relationship with Clark Kent’s Superman, but despite their long relationship and meeting with his parents, she still does not know much about her past, being very secretive. Clark’s hesitation to tell him all about him creates an emotional fallacy between the two and makes Lois think if their relationship is one that lasts to deep old age.
In the S.T.A.R. laboratories, Silas Stone and his associate Dr. John Henry Irons analyze fragments that are composed of an alloy of earthly and cryptonic elements, and this information leads to the only person who might hold it: Lex Luthor. Superman is facing Lex who is already in house arrest and wearing a leg tracking device, denying any involvement.

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