The Foreigner

Ngoc Minh Quan is a veteran of the Vietnam War that has retired and has opened a Chinese restaurant in London. When his teenage girl, Fan, is murdered in a terrorist attack claimed by a group that says “Authentic IRA,” Quan disturbs trying to get revenge. At first, he tries to bribe a Scotland Yard officer named Richard Bromley to get the names of the bombers, but he refuses to bribe or disclose any information.
Quan then points to an Irish ministry official named Liam Hennessy, who speaks publicly about his status as a former “IRA Temporary” leader while condemning the terrorist attack. Keyi Lam is Quan’s quaint service mate and friend, and she tries to console him and persuade him to go over this tragic incident, but he refuses and eventually goes to Belfast to meet Hennessy .
Hennessy claims he has no information about the attack or the people who committed him, but Quan does not believe him. His questions go to the point where he gets stuck on Hennessy and puts a cracked bomb in his office, threatening to follow much more if he does not get the names of the bombers. Hennessy is trying to identify the terrorists by changing some key words, but in the meantime sends more mercenaries and trusted people to get Quan out of the equation because it’s too dangerous for him and his plans.

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