The Gentlemen

American by birth, but settled for years in London, Mickey Pearson has become one of the great lords of marijuana in the British capital. Now see how his current status as a classy and refined millionaire contrasts with the unglamorous small-time gangster business in which he moves. When it becomes known in the underworld that Mickey is willing to sell his drug empire, rival mafias will start a war of conspiracies and blackmail to take him over.
Guy Ritchie (Aladdin) returns to the cinematographic territory where he moves best: that of London’s slums, where charismatic characters (from small thugs to powerful gangsters) populate a universe that has already become a hallmark for the director and screenwriter for titles like Lock and Stock, Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds or RocknRolla. Freshness, frenetic pace, and clever house-brand dialogues are sustained in The Gentlemen: The Mafia Lords, a film that explores the situation in which criminal gang bosses find themselves when, reached a high economic status and social, they have to move between two worlds as opposite as that of the aristocracy and that of junkies or traffickers who support their business. Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey (Serenity) becomes this American who has built his own pot empire on British soil, and now believes it is time to quit.

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