The Hole in the Ground

Trying to leave behind her tormented past, a young woman, Sarah O’Neill, moves to a small Irish village of lumberjacks with her son Chris. In the depths of the forest adjoining their new home, mother and son find a mysterious crater. The discovery of this hole will cause strange changes in the behavior and nature of the child, which will cause the mother to be torn between her own fears and traumas and a superstition of the locals over supplanted children. Bosque maldito is the first film by Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin, who had already attracted the attention of critics and fantastic film festivals with his previous short film Ghost Train (2014). Starring actress Se├ín Kerslake (Dollhouse) and young actor James Quinn Markey (Vikings), who are accompanied in the cast by names such as James Cosmo (Game of Thrones) or Kati Outinen (The Other Side of Hope), movie visits common places of horror cinema (the woman who flees from a traumatic past, the enchanted forest, the possessed son …) and in a certain way, gives them a new touch. Bosque maldito is a film of atmosphere and frights, but also of psychological and family terror, since at no time do we know if the threat that this woman faces comes from inside or outside her home. Lee Cronin’s film explores the limits between the rational and the inexplicable: is the Irish legend about changed children true, or is the mother suffering what is known as Capgras syndrome, a disorder that provokes the belief of that a close relative has been replaced by an imposter? The film, which participated in the Official Selection of the Sundance Film Festival, is also endorsed by the Best Feature Film Award it received at the 25th Bilbao Fantastic Film Festival.

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