The House with a Clock in its Walls

After the death of his parents as a car accident, the ten-year-old child, Lewis Barnavelt, moves to live with his uncle Jonathan. All that is left of his parents is a magical ball that they have given him for gift. He meets Jonathan’s neighbor and good friend, Florence Zimmerman. At night, Lewis is intrigued when he hears a beating in the wall. He starts exploring the house and sees Jonathan breaking a wall with a hammer.
Scared, he runs away and throws on several objects in the house that just came to life. Jonathan confesses that he is a wizard, and Florence is also a witch. The previous owners of their house were a couple made up of the sinister sorcerer Isaac Izard and the equally disgusting wife, Selena, who hid in the wall of their house an hour before she died. Jonathan has been trying for a long time to find that watch and find out the real meaning.
Despite the discouragement of Jonathan, Lewis also begins to learn the secrets of magic. On his first day at the new school where he is going to learn, Lewis meets Tarby Corrigan and makes friends with him to win the presidential election. After Tarby wins the election, he abandons Lewis. Lewis’s mother visits him in a dream and when he complains that Tarby does not consider him a friend, she suggests using a spell from the forbidden book to impress him.

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