The Hunter’s Prayer

An adolescent named Ella (Odeya Rush) squeezes some cigarettes into her school and informs colleagues that she goes to dance with her boyfriend. She is not aware of the fact that a paid assassin has just killed his father and stepmother and burned them home. Ella learns about all this work from Lucas (Sam Worthington) who goes and takes her from the club. He tells her that he was hired by someone to kill her, but that he does not let the heart do that.
The assassination attempt on Ella was set as a warning sent to all those who might ever think of being able to steal from a super criminal named Richard Addison (Allen Leech). Ella’s late father betrayed Addison, who furiously hired some assassins to kill both him and his entire family.
Despite the fact that he is a paid assassin, Lucas still has humanity and honor left in the soul and can not kill a child just because he has been paid to do so, so he changes his mind when he receives the order of killing and Ella decides she must protect her and turn against the one who has hired him to carry out the assassination. As a result, Addison sends other people to do Lucas and kill him.

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