The Hurricane Heist

Any normal person when he hears the hurricane alarm does everything possible to put himself in the shelter and, if necessary, even abandon his own homes. Not the same thing can be said about a group of thieves who have a whole new and totally different plan when it comes to the alarm that one of the most violent hurricanes in history is approaching America’s fast pace. When everyone in the area prepares to escape or barricade, the thieves are preparing to rob the American Treasury.

There is a huge amount of cash in the Treasury vault: $ 600 million, but their very well-drafted plan has little leeway, and they do not realize that to open the vault they need a code that one agent knows about Treasury, a woman named Casey. He finds an unusual ally in the name of a hurricane-termed meteorologist (especially because his father was a hurricane hunter and died during such a phenomenon), but determined to save his brother who was kidnapped by thieves . He uses his knowledge of the storm as a weapon against thieves.

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