The Hustle

Josephine Chesterfield is an elegant and glamorous British woman who keeps her luxurious train of life by ripping off some of the richest men in the world. Everything changes when he meets Penny Rust, a classmate whose specialty is improvising in bars. Although they have completely different methods, these two experts in fleecing undesirables who have behaved badly with women will join forces to try to cheat a naive billionaire from the technology industry. After building a considerable television reputation that has led him to win two Emmy awards, Chris Addison (Veep) debuts as director of a feature film with compulsive timers, second remake of the 1964 comedy Two seducers after the starring Michael Caine and Steve Martin in 1988. The tricksters who starred in those now become two women of very different methods, but both experts in the art of lying and deception, who will join forces to carry out a master blow and, along the way, end up learning the one from the other. Beyond the change of gender in its main characters, the film gives a twist to the original material and proposes a completely new story full of gags and crazy situations that finds its best asset in the combination of physical humor of Rebel Wilson (Giving the note 3) and the elegance of Oscar-winning Anne Hathaway (Ocean’s 8). Along with these two actresses, who waste chemistry, complete the cast of this film shot in the paradise Mallorca Tim Blake Nelson (Billy Lynn) and Alex Sharp (How to talk to girls at parties), among others.

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