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The Layover

Kate (Alexandra Daddario) and Meg (Kate Upton) are childhood friends and apartment colleagues living in Seattle and going through stressful periods in their lives. Kate is an English teacher who teaches in high school and has been tired of her usual life, and being pressured by director Moss (Rob Corddry) to step down because he thinks he should choose another profession. Meg is a cosmetics salesman who is trying to sell some North Korean beauty products.
After a night of drunkenness, adventurous Meg suggests going together on a vacation to forget about all the stress that surrounds them. Reserved Kate has some hesitations, but it succumbs to the end after Meg finds that he has already bought the tickets to Fort Lauderdale that can not be redeemed anyway. She arrived at the last moment at the airport for boarding, Kate is seated on the window, and Meg on the edge. Halfway is occupied by Ryan (Matt Barr), a handsome firefighter heading for a wedding.
Both Kate and Meg are immediately attracted to him and flirting with him without embarrassment, but Kate finally falls asleep because of the many anti-anxiety pills he has taken. A few hours later, the plane is headed toward St. Louis. Louis because of a hurricane warning. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the two girls continue to flirt, and eventually Kate tells Meg she will fight her to conquer Ryan.

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