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The Light of the Moon

A rape victim has some unfortunate choices when faced with a difficult question. She is in a spiral of shame following rape and has many reproaches or questions to address to herself; If he had not drank so much that evening … if he had not danced with that guy … if he had not gone home alone afterwards … What follows after the rape is almost worse than the rape himself.
Bonnie (Stephanie Beatriz) and her boyfriend Matt (Michael Stahl-David) live in the Bushwick area of ​​Brooklyn. Both of them have some very demanding careers that do not allow them much time, and Matt asks Bonnie to take her from a city trip she had with her colleagues. But she continues to have fun with her friends, taking a shot after shooting and dancing in the club.
On the way home, which is just a few blocks away, a man attacks Bonnie and takes her to a side street where she violates her. Bonnie then gets home, bloody and traumatized, thinking about the next step, whether to keep for her or report to the police what happened to her. Finally, she chooses the second option, but then goes through a series of questions and must provide humiliating details to the police. She responds sincerely to all questions, even though she is aware that she will be judged by her answers.

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