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The Little Hours

In the Middle Ages, a monastery of nuns is led by Father Tommasso. Among the nuns are Alessandra, a woman who wants a better life for her, a gossip named Ginevra and Fernanda, a violent and emotionally unstable woman. The three attack the gardener, who gives up their help, being disgusted by their behavior. Meanwhile, a young servant named Massetto is caught by having sex with his master’s wife.
While he is on the run, he finds Father Tommaso who had gone to sell some products made by the nuns, but he took it off and got drunk very loudly. Massetto helps the parent to get home and the two plan a plan for Massetto to come to work as a gardener, but to claim to be deaf-mute in the hope that the nuns will leave him alone and will not cause problems.
However, despite its “flaws,” the nuns become interested in Massetto, and he gets to sleep with both Alessandra and Fernanda. Later, threatening him with the knife, Fernanda kidnaps Massetto and goes with him into the woods where he meets a secret witch group. She tries to sacrifice Massetto, but is stopped by the arrival of Alessandra and Ginevra. Massetto confesses at the moment that he lied to be deaf-dumb. They then return to the monastery where all the secrets are revealed to the front with Bishop Bartolomeo.

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