The Little Stranger

Dr. Faraday, a country-class physicist with humble origins, is called to Hundreds Hall, an 18th century villa in 1947, to care for a housekeeper named Betty. When he was a kid, he and his mother (former housekeeper) spent some time in this villa in 1919 and fell in love with her, but now she belongs to Roderick Ayers, a veteran of the Royal Air Force. Elder Ayers lives with her daughter Caroline, too.
After arriving there, Dr. Faraday notes that the villa has been left in vain, and the family is in a precarious financial situation. During a party involving Faraday, a couple brings their child who is attacked by Caroline’s dog, who had been very gentle before. Faraday meets later with Roderick who claims to be in this house a supernatural force that hates him. Faraday initially considers Roderick to be crazy, but he is delighted when he plans to sell more things.
Later, Roderick bursts his room and is hospitalized. Faraday decides to stay in the villa to take care of the rest of the Ayers. It does not pass much, and Caroline develops a relationship of love, despite the fact that it belongs to a higher social class. Suspicions of supernatural activities reappear when Ms. Ayers finds children’s writing on the walls that, she says, were not before, and she thinks they were made by the ghost of her deceased daughter, Susan.

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