The Lodgers

In Ireland in the early 1920s, soldiers return home from the Irish Independence War, and the seeds of an Irish Civil War begin to flourish. Irish War Veteran Sean (Eugene Simon) has been scarred by these miserable allegations since returning home and discovering that he is no longer welcome there. The British and the Irish have a fragile armistice, and a local individual named Dessie (Moe Dunford) does not agree.

Moreover, Dessie speaks on behalf of his hometown when he labels Sean as a traitor. But Sean is not the central character of the movie, but two twin brothers retreated by the world named Edward (Bill Milner) and Rachel (Charlotte Vega). The two are victims of a family curse that forces them to spend most of their time in their own house. The curse is put into practice by the presence of ghosts that oblige the two to adhere to strict rules, otherwise their lives are disturbed.

While Edward is resigned to the fate that has been written to her, Rachel can not say the same thing, and she is tired of these rules considered inappropriate. Sean’s presence does not help Rachel’s rules, either, falling in love with him, and between them seem to blossom a love story. This love story makes Rachel become more and more courageous and willing to break the rules, which annoys Edward because one of the rules says that if one of them tries to escape, the life of the other is jeopardized .

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