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The Lost Brother

After killing his late mother and brother, Cetarti (Daniel Hendler) goes to a community forgotten by God when called by a so-called local lawyer named Duarte. Cetarti then goes to identify the body, and then Duarte suggests that he understands to make half-half his life insurance. Being fired from work, Cetarti is poor and drifting, dreaming of better times.
He decides to remain in this community until he receives the money; his brother’s home represents a true dream for a director of art, being filled with all sorts of useful things or not. Duarte’s help is Danielito (Alian Devetac), a drug addicted young man. If there was further evidence of the lack of morality that exists, Duarte and Danielito prove to be kidnapping people to receive rewards by holding them in a cellar and torturing them a little for “artistic impression.”
In this area everything is spinning around the money. A flea merchant named Enzo is willing to buy almost anything, but even he gets stuck when Cetarti includes the items he wants to sell the ashes of his mother and brother. Enzo tells Cetarti that he spends too much time with Duarte’s company, and indeed his wickedness has infected not only him but the whole city. Along the way, Duarte’s darker and more psychotic part begins to emerge.

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