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The Man Who Invented Christmas

Two years after his great success with “Oliver Twist”, author Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens) has financial difficulties due to the failure of the last three books every time he wrote and published them. Rejected by publishers, he puts his head to write a new book to restore his appreciation and lost money. Seeking inspiration through London, especially at a funeral for a rich man with very few people, he starts writing A Christmas Carol and because there are only six weeks until Christmas and hopes to publish it until then.
As Charles begins to write the story, he interacts with the characters he writes about, the most notable being Scrooge (Chrisopher Plummer). Helping Dickens is one of his maids, Tara, an Irish immigrant who can write and read, being able to provide useful tips for the author.
While writing, Charles is greeted by the arrival of his father, John Dickens (Jonathan Pryce), who considers him to be immature and irresponsible from a financial point of view. Charles’s relationship with his family is increasingly cold, and he struggles to finalize the book in time and fails to scrutinize Scrooge’s stories. Finding that Charles intends to let Tiny Tim die, Tara suggests that Scrooge rescue him. Charles refuses to ask for his help, and then drives him out of anger.

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