The Miracle Season

Caroline “Line” Found is the head of the Iowa City West volleyball team and very much loved by its community members. With Line as team captain, the Trojans are unbeaten in the championship and everyone hopes to win the championship again after last year, especially against the old rival City High. During a home party from her, Line decides to sneak out to visit her mother, Ellyn, at the hospital where she is caring for cancer.
That night, however, the tragedy hits, and Line is killed in a stupid accident, leaving the whole community mourning. Despite the fact that Line is still in shock due to Line’s death, team coach Kathy Bresnahan continues to train. She addresses directly Lin’s best friend, Kelley, and encourages her to return to training because Line would have liked them to continue the fight.
Kelley refuses, but Bresnahan presses her until she accepts. After the fact that City West has lost the most recent because of abandonment, Kelley encourages the whole school that they need to continue playing for the championship for Line’s sake. City West struggles in the first place and loses the first big distance match, still being hit by Line’s loss. The training then begins to undergo tough training and after a period Kelley gets to be called team captain.

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