The Night Comes for Us

At the height of its power, the Southeast Asian Triad controls 80% of smuggling operations across Asia. Using the famous Golden Triangle as its main base, the Triad takes advantage of the traffic of live meat, drugs and weapons. To preserve free channels and avoid chaos or turbulence from the outside, the Triad leaders created a small unit of elite delegates called “Six Seas,” to which they are free to take extreme action to restore order and obedience. The identity of the six women and men is shrouded in mystery.
After massacring a village because someone stole money from the Triad, Ito sees a little girl called Reina, and when the Triad is about to kill her, he turns around and kills all of them, suffering in turn or severe injury. He hides Reina in his house where he is found by his beloved Shinta. While she cares for her, she accuses him of being involved in saving Reina.
Apparently, if a member of the Six Seas violates his orders or does not fulfill his mission, then he will be killed. Ito reveals that he plans to get new identities for them and for Reina so they can leave Indonesia in search of a better life. His boss then calls Arian, one of Ito’s friends, and tells him that Ito has deserted and must be found and killed according to the rules.

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