The Open House

A happy family is grieved when the head of the family is hit by a car in a parking lot. Without a job and financially unstable to support himself, the victim’s adolescent son, Logan, and the widow (Naomi) decide to move to her sister’s house until her things are set on a path normal. After moving there, mother and son meet their old Martha, a woman who behaves very strangely and tells her that her husband has died.

Later, they also meet Chris, a very nice seller who is eager to talk to the customers who cross the threshold. After a while, a series of strange happenings begin to occur through the house. Objects move around the house, the phone rings, but nobody talks and many other strange things that make the two of them scare. One night, Logan wakes up because of strong beatings in the door.

He looks out and sees a car in the parking lot without doing anything. When he goes out to see what’s going on, he notices that the car has disappeared. Shortly afterward, he notices Martha with huffy hair and behaves very incoherently, and then disappears into the darkness. A few nights later, Martha arrives with social intent, but she does not mention anything about the meeting with Logan last night and makes some comments about her husband that would indicate that he is still alive.

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