The Predator

An alien shuttle landed forcefully on Earth, and Army Sniper Quinn McKenna and his team are attacked by a Predator. He manages to neutralize the Predator and destroy his armor. At the suggestion of government agent Will Traeger, the Predator is captured and kept for examination. Traeger leads the Predator to a laboratory to do experiments on him and recruits Casey Bracket, an evolutionary biologist, to study the Predator’s studies.
But the traitor wakes up and breaks all the bonds he was immobilized to, kills lab laborers and runs, but spares Casey’s life. McKenna is called on to work with a group of government detainees, including the former Gaylord “Nebraska” Williams Marine Corps, and Army veterans Coyle and Baxley, helicopter pilot Nettles and Lynch, another former Marine Corps, to handle to re-establish and / or kill the Predator.
Taking it with them and Casey, the group of soldiers go home to McKenna’s alien wife, Emily, where he expects to find the Predator’s armor that he sent earlier. However, McKenna’s autistic child, Rory, went to the carol with that armor to avoid being spotted by small aggressors. McKenna and the others find Rory in time to avoid being attacked by some dog dogs. The gentleman follows them in a nearby school and begins to return the armor to him, but, as a matter of fact, another Predator much larger than the first is making his appearance and killing the first.

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