The Queens Corgi

Rex is one of the corgis that inhabit Buckingham Palace. The luxury life he enjoys and being the queen’s favorite has made him a very arrogant dog. However, a diplomatic incident with the US president, of which he is guilty, will make him fall into disgrace and, after being betrayed by one of his companions, he will end up lost in the streets of London. With the help of new friends, Rex will have to overcome a dangerous adventure if he wants to return to his beloved owner. Become a benchmark for European animation, Ben Stassen (Bigfoot’s son) premieres his new production, a cartoon tape of Belgian origin but shot in English. Corgi, the queen’s pets, takes the viewer on an incredible adventure from the luxurious outbuildings of Buckingham Palace to the less glamorous corners of London. The protagonist of this trip is an arrogant dog accustomed to the pomp and pageantry that will go from being the favorite of the queen to fall into disgrace after an unfortunate incident with President Trump. As the film progresses, this cute character will learn from his mistakes and help from the love and friendship that arises with his kennel companions to try to return home. Along the way you will have to avoid all kinds of dangers and crazy situations that will delight the youngest of the house. Oscar nominees Tom Courtenay (King of Thieves) and Julie Walters (The Return of Mary Poppins) lead, along with Jack Whitehall (The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms) and Ray Winstone (Point Break (Unlimited)), the vocal cast of this film that also thinks about the elders, to whom it gives references to films like the club of the fight or Rocky and a satirical portrait of illustrious names of the international politics.

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