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The Ritual

A group of four friends from Phil, Dom, Hutch, and Luke go together on a trip to Sarek National Park in northern Sweden to commemorate his friend Rob, who was killed six months ago during a shop robbery. After Dom falls and hurts severely on his knees, Hutch consults the map they have at their disposal and decides to return using an alternative route through the forest that will reduce their half-time.
The group begins to encounter unexplained phenomena, including an eviscerated deer and strange symbols crawling over the trees. As they leave the night, they reach a deserted cottage and settle there until dawn. During the night, they are tormented by dreadful nightmares, and Luke wakes up with a few wounds on his chest, and Phil prays for strange figures inside the cottage. They continue their journey and venture deeper into the forest trying to find a way out.
As he grows up, Luke sees the signs of a strange creature that seems to follow them. While discussing this with the rest of his friends, a quarrel between him and Dom escalates to the point where the latter rises and reproaches Luke for being partly guilty of Rob’s death because of his behavior during the robbery. Later that night, Hutch is kidnapped by the monster, and the others are trying to save him from the creatures’ claws, but they get lost through the forest.

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