The Saint

Terrorists meet with Russian military officers in Moscow to trade gold in exchange for bombs. Simon Templar, disguised as a Russian officer, “spices” his drinks to leave them unconscious and steals much of the gold, and then flees from where there is an FBI agent who monitors the transaction, leaving behind a business card on which is his nickname, “Saint.” Nigerian President Ezekiel Ibaka manages to get $ 2.5 billion in aid for his people, but funds are being stolen from a mysterious man.
Arriving in Bucharest, the Templar takes the gold stolen from Moscow to a friend of his own and tells him how to distribute him through various help organizations. Meanwhile, at his villa in a man named Arnie Valecross, who has knowledge of the theft of Ezekiel’s money, he calls protection from the FBI, but until he gets it, his daughter, Zoey, is kidnapped by the mysterious man.
The saint, while in Paris, learns about this theft and decides to personally get involved in the problem. Special Agent John Henry Fernack, a man who has been following the Saint for many years, arrives at Valecross before him and tries to ask him some questions, but he refuses to answer. Valecross uses this opportunity to ask Templar for help. Simon, Patricia, and Doyle Cosentino head for an LA apartment where they think of the next step to solving the mystery.

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