The Scorpion King- Book of Souls

The narrator explains that in ancient Egypt, before the time of the Pharaohs, King Memtep made a covenant with Anubis, the lord of the underground world, to create a cursed sword so strong that anyone in possession would have the ability to lead everyone . The sword was fed by capturing the souls of those who were killed with it, and the sword itself was forged in the fires of hell by Anubis. The names of those who have been killed by the sword are written forever in the Book of Souls.
The events begin with Nebserek, who raids the tomb of King Memtep and steals the handle of Anubis’ sword. Elsewhere, Khensa captures the blacksmith Mathayus and kills Abel. Nubia’s warrior, Princess Tala, releases the blacksmith and heals it with scorpion needles. She tells her that her late father, Balthazar, the King of Nubia, told him to find the legendary Scorpion King to help her bring peace to Egypt.
She asks him to join him in the mission of stopping the evil empire of Nebserek and his army of jackals. Nebserek’s Priest warns him that his sword can be defeated by the Book of Souls. On their way to the 13th Monday Valley, Mathayus and Princess Tala are captured by Uruk, the leader of the Black Arrows, who accuses them of violating their territory. Mathayus challenges him to struggle to gain his freedom. After defeating five warriors and then sparing Uruk’s life, Princess and Mathayus continued their journey to the Temple of Pergamon.

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