The Secret Life of Pets 2

The spoiled terrier Max sees how his comfortable life undergoes great changes when his owner decides, once again, to introduce a new partner on the floor. But this time it is not another dog, but a human, his son Liam. Max, nothing friend of the children in the beginning, ends up having so much affection for the little one that in his eagerness to protect him he suffers a nervous tic. The anxiety of the unhappy terrier will go off when the whole family makes a trip to a farm and they begin to live crazy adventures. The animation studio Illumination, responsible for Los Minions or the Gru saga. My favorite villain, has decided to continue the story of Pets, a blockbuster in 2016. The sequel is again directed by Cris Renaud (Lorax, in search of the lost dome). However, Pets 2 is much more coral, since it is made up of three subplots in which many of the hairy protagonists of the first installment will live their own adventure. The ones in charge of lending their voice in the original version have been the humorist Patton Oswalt (The circle) as Max, formerly in the voice of Louis CK, Kevin Hart (Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle) as Pompom and Eric Stonestreet (Bad teacher) Like the street dog Duke. In the Spanish version Úrsula Corberó again doubles the owner of Max, Katie, and the comedian David Guapo repeats as Norman.

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