The Spy Who Dumped Me

In Los Angeles, Audrey Stockton’s cousin spends her birthday crushed after being dropped by her boyfriend Drew through a text message. Her best friend and roommate, Morgan, convinces Audrey to fire all of Drew’s stuff and send him a warning message. Although he does not have the slightest idea about it, Drew is a government agent pursued by people who want to kill him. He promises to return to her and asks him not to burn anything.
At work, Audrey flirts with a man who asks him to go to his car. Outside, he and his colleague take it by force and throw it into a van, and then I ask questions and one of them presents himself as Sebastian Henshaw, telling him that Drew is hired at the CIA and disappeared. Audrey says she has not heard anything about Drew, and when she returns home she informs Morgan of her former boyfriend’s activity.
Drew returns to Audrey’s apartment to recover his stuff, but shortly after his appearance, several men open fire and Drew tells Audrey that if something bad happens to her, she needs to he goes to Vienna and takes a trophy he owns to a certain liaison man. Drew is then murdered, and Morgan convinces Audrey to fulfill Drew’s mission and go to Vienna together.

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